life check-in + people I follow on social media who help me with social media

I realized that I haven’t given a proper life update in quite some time, which was once the norm around these parts. I’ve also created a list of peple who I follow on social media who help me with social media, as well as a shout out to a fellow Philly creator. So here we go!

The past two months have been full with travel (she’s vaxed baby), to New Orleans, San Francisco and State College. I have more trips planned throughout the fall, which I’m very much looking forward to. This is my favorite season to travel, even more so than summer. Road trips and exploring feel even more magical during these months.

I recently spoke on a panel for The Wellness Refinery’s book club, alongside fellow creators Amber Burns and Ambitiously Cierra, and moderated by Janessa Jax. I have been a longtime follower of Amber’s, and it was so nice to finally meet her, albeit virtually. If you’re not yet familiar with Amber and Cierra’s work, certainly get yourself acquainted.

The book discussed was Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which focuses on our relationship with creativity. I strived to be honest in my responses, such as the shame I felt when I began writing about other topics such as pop culture, as if that would make people take me less seriously as a writer (I’ve realized since, like most shame, it’s completely unfounded, and I’m most happy when I’m writing about this topic).

The conversation overall had me re-evaluating my views and methods of creating, and I realize I’m slowly but surely getting better at not feeling like I have to create 24/7 in order to be a.) relevant (relevant to WHOMST I ask you?!) b.) useful c.) interesting. I should clarify that when I say create in this sense, I refer to writing, taking photos, recording something, posting an Instagram story, curating a Pinterest board, etc. Creating for myself on my own time and untethering myself from outside expectations – which I have mostly placed upon myself – has been liberating.

The simultaneous need and disdain to be perceived!

I wish I could better monitor the highs and lows of wanting to create, create, create. This post alone has taken me nearly a week to churn out, while the other day I began impulsively designing and planning for a ~merch drop ~ (more on that…eventually).

All this to say, I’m very content – and one might even say pleased (!) – with life’s path at the moment. And I hope that you guys are good <3


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people I follow on social media who help me with social media

In my never-ending quest to understand the ever-changing dystopia that is social media, I turn to my peers for their advice and expertise (especially as I’m experimenting with Reels and TikTok more). Below are links to several people who I highly recommend checking out if you’re a social media manager or creator.

If you have any content creators who specialize in helping creators, send ’em my way.

Good Things Tote Bag

Kelsey is a fellow Philly content creator and founder/owner of Bells + Whistles. She also sells these “Good Things Happen in Philadelphia” tote bags, which has simply been the best tote I’ve ever owned (and yes, there is a hierarchy to tote bags). Here’s the purchase link if you find yourself wanting one.

Thanks for reading friends! I sincerely hope you’re doing well <3

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