Philly Finds Vol. 43

Welcome to the first Philly Finds of the new year! I hope your holiday seasons were relaxing and restful.

If you haven’t already, I hope that you’ll subscribe to my free, weekly pop culture + social media newsletter. This week we took a look at the supermarket aesthetic (once you read it, it’ll make sense if you’re not familiar).

Also, I want to thank those who sent me photos giving the Philly Italian slang poster as holiday gifts. Absolutely made my holiday season.

If you’ll allow me to rant…

Anything I feature on Philly Finds are always of my own opinion and the things I share are things I’ve actually enjoyed. I aim to steer you, dear readers, to the best our city has to offer. I don’t typically post a negative review here, especially about a restaurant during these times, but a recent experience was so negative I wouldn’t want anyone to spend their hard earned money here. Our time at Figo, located in Northern Liberties, was anything but stellar. A fairly new restaurant, they are known for their espresso martini flights. Our group of three did not order the flight, and I’m glad we didn’t after later hearing how watered down they are. When the starter bread at an Italian restaurant is bad, let that be your first warning sign. What we thought would maybe be a two hour dinner turned into nearly four hours, our food was cold and even the couple next to us sent a dish back. Not to mention, the food is outrageously priced for such mediocre meals. Save your $$$ people.

Ok, rant is over – now onto the good stuff.

JG SkyHigh at the Four Seasons

The new year began with luxury at JG SkyHigh at Philly’s Four Seasons. After the clear glass elevator ride 60 floors up (not for the faint of heart), you are greeted by the stunning designs of Jeff Leatham, pictured below. The day we went was gloomy and cloudy, obstructing views of the skyline, which gives me all the more reason to go back. The space really is absolutely breathtaking, and I imagine it’s even more so on a sunny day. This is your place to go to feel sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

Tela’s Market and Kitchen

Tela’s is a staple of Fairmount Ave, with their selection of coffee drinks and pre-made sandwiches. They recently transitioned their dining format, offering more indoor dining options. It was my first time back since they did so, and I really enjoyed it. I got the Grilled Avocado salad with chicken, and my friend got the Tempura Shrimp Poke Bowl.

Peace Love Pickles

You’ll have to travel to our neighboring state of New Jersey for this next find. You’ll find no bread at Peace Love Pickles. Instead you’ll find your sandwiches encapsulated in pickles, which you’ve probably already guessed. I ordered the Oaklyn, pictured below, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you for reading ❤ Cheers to you, and I hope to see a lot more of you in 2022.

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