AV. releases new single “Our Ghosts”

At only 17-years-old, Boston-based artist AV. is already blazing her own trail in music, as she’s set to release her new single tomorrow.

Written in 2019, “Our Ghosts” is AV.’s second single off of her debut EP called “Guess I’m A Ghost”, which will be released in spring of 2022. In this song, AV. describes a relationship filled with miscommunication and lack of trust.

As the chorus says,

“Even when you cut me blood to bone, you always seem to bring me back home, captivated by you even so, it’s just another one of our ghosts.”

In other words, AV. is saying that even when someone hurts you and it makes you drawn to them more, it’s just another reason why you need to get away.

AV.’s debut EP “Guess I’m A Ghost” is a six-track personal coming-of-age journey that reflects the observant outsider tone of her generation, while delving deep into her own story. Throughout this record, AV discusses a time in her life where she lost touch with her sense of self, and fought to get it back. She wrote this record between 2019 and 2020 when she, like so many young women transitioning into adulthood, felt hunted and vulnerable in this world. The album captures the loneliness that follows trauma, and the triumph of overcoming it. AV. collaborated with Nashville-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Preston of Me and The Machine Records to bring this story to life, in a 16-hour marathon recording session.

You can find AV. at:

Congratulations on the release of your new single “Our Ghosts”! Can you give us a little insight into what your songwriting process was like? 

My second single “Our Ghosts” comes out this Friday January 21st. I am so excited for everyone to hear this song!

This song means a lot to me because the lyrics came very naturally, which doesn’t happen often for songwriters. I wrote this song in November of 2019, and I remember the exact moment where I got the idea for “Our Ghosts”. I was in the car and I got an idea for the chorus, and wrote it in about 20 to 30 seconds! I remember being so happy that I wrote the chorus in such a short amount of time, and couldn’t wait to get home to finish the rest of the song. I love “Our Ghosts” so much because, to me, this song is about leaving a toxic situation and realizing that it is not worth sticking around for.

Where can we see you live next? 

As far as live shows go, that is something I definitely want to do in the future. Being a new artist, I have never performed any of my songs live before, so I am really looking forward to doing that at some point. I cannot wait for everyone to hear “Our Ghosts”, and you can preorder it now through my Instagram bio!

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