“Laugh It Off” with Becky Crosby

New York-based artist Becky Crosby is set to release her new EP “Laugh It Off” this week. I had the chance to preview the album, and am in love with her song “Numb” (I’m listening to it yet again as I type this). I also had the chance to interview Becky, learn about her songwriting process, and hear where on the East Coast she’s performing live next!

You can find Becky on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok at @ beckycrozby and on Facebook.

Congratulations on the release of your new EP “Laugh It Off”! How does it feel to have accomplished such a feat?

Thanks so much! I have been working on this project for such a long time, I am just so happy to finally put it out in the world.

Can you give us a little insight into what your songwriting process was like? 

The five songs on the EP were written over the course of two years. I often take a while to write my songs, because I’ll write a little bit and then come back later. The process sometimes takes a long time, but I really like having the time to make my songs better and not rushing to record. I take inspiration from events in my life and how I am feeling in the moment. These songs are collectively about how life goes on even through heartbreak, tragedy and everything else that we go through as people.

Of the songs on the EP, is there one in particular that is very special to you?

I think one of my favorite tunes off the EP is “Numb”, because although the lyrics are sad and painful the music is upbeat and alive. For me, I think a lot of this project was taking some hard experiences that I went through and somehow making it into something positive. In other words, I am laughing it off.

It really is a great song – very upbeat, and the lyrics are incredible. Where can we see you live next? 

I’ll be performing an acoustic set at Kroghs Pub in NJ on Feb. 4th, a full band set at Flinders Lane in CT on Feb. 10th and a full band set at Red Tank Brewery on Feb. 24th.

Thanks so much Becky! So excited to see what’s in store for you.

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