Philly Finds Vol. 48

This week’s Philly Finds comes to you from the Fort Myers airport in Southwest Florida. I’m returning home from an escape to the sun and warmth, where I visited my parents for a few days. It was blissful, to say the least. In true Frontier Airlines fashion, my flight home was cancelled. Usually in these scenarios, a pit in my stomach forms instantaneously and I am – how shall I say – a nervous wreck? Perhaps it was the days of rest and relaxation (speaking of, I’m nearly finished Ottessa Moshfegh’s Eileen) that allowed me to remain calm and collected. This cancelled flight also allowed me the opportunity to meet Mariann (Mariann, if you’re reading this, you’re a real one). She’s a fellow Philadelphian and her daughter is also a Penn Stater. We bonded as we re-booked our flights and searched for our new gate. These are the travel moments I absolutely love. We’re having dinner and drinks later, which gives me this time to write a very delayed Philly Finds.

Firstly, I’m gutted over the announcement that Fitz and Starts will be closing, with their last day being March 20, 2022. I IMPLORE you to pay a visit before its closing, it’s your civil duty as a Philadelphia to do so.

The Galleries at Moore

Located at Moore College is the Galleries at Moore, which is the art college’s “educational mission and role as a cultural leader by providing a forum for exploring contemporary art and ideas, and enriching the artistic and intellectual climate of the college, the Greater Philadelphia community, and beyond.” I came across the photo of the pink elephant on Instagram and knew I had to pay the galleries a visit to see for myself. My favorite was the last exhibit in the gallery, which are two pieces titled Dumbo and Bourbon Pillow. Dumbo, representing our childhood stuffed animals, and how we used them to capture our tears. The bourbon representing the same thing, but in our adulthood. The galleries are free and open to the public – I absolutely recommend spending an afternoon there.

 Tristin Lowe, Dumbo, 2001, vinyl, paint, fan
Tristin Lowe, Big Blue Wave, 2019, neon, glass, aluminum, and electrical transformers
Tristin Lowe, Under the Influence: Lunacy and Visither 1, 2010


Visit Indeblue for an incredible Indian meal
I’m rarely ever a burger girl, but sometimes a McCrossen’s burger is the answer
Nothing slaps harder than a glass of Pinot Grigio and bowl of fries at Rouge

Sara Bareilles’ Waitress comes to Philly

The Kimmel Center has been absolutely killing it with their offerings in their current Broadway series. With over a year+ of no theater, it has been a veritable musical feast here in Philadelphia. In just a few weeks, they’ll be presenting Waitress, playing at the Campus’ historic Academy of Music from Tuesday, March 29 – Sunday, April 3, 2022. I recall when I first saw Waitress, hysterically laughing one moment, followed by violently sobbing. Which is exactly what I want in a musical. If anything, it’s worth it to hear She Used to Be Mine sung live.

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