Philly Finds Vol. 49

It’s Philly Finds time, my dudes.

PPA Corner

Welcome to a new Philly Finds segment where we complain about the PPA. Join me, won’t you?

Billy Penn recently reported on the PPA’s elimination of license plates as an option on their website when checking to see if you have received a ticket. This is something I’ve been reporting on (aka airing grievances on social media) since late September. Many a time I discovered that apparently and allegedly I had received a ticket from the PPA by checking my license plate on their website. It’s just another sneaky, slimy way for the parking authority to not let people know that they have a ticket, therefor letting money accrue over time. Just an extra step to make things 10x more difficult for people attempting to a.) find if they have a ticket b.) pay for a ticket.

I want to do a proper, journalistic exposé on the PPA one day, something that’s been stewing in my brain for quite some time. What will it look like? I don’t know. Will I need to lawyer up? It’s possible!

In restaurant news…

Philly is abundant and overflowing with new restaurants. Those on my radar to check out are:

BellsxWhistles dining review of MishMish

I’ve realized over the past few months that this blog has begun serving more of my Philly-centric activities, whereas it once also did serve as the home for my personal and pop culture writings. Those type of pieces can be found on my newsletter, called Why Don’t You Cry About It? If you enjoy those kind of posts, I hope you’ll subscribe. Upcoming posts include exploring my 2012-2014 preppy phase, and uncovering the best pop song ever written.

Goldie Falafel’s new Center City location

How I’ve gone nearly three years without Goldie is beyond me (actually one reason is very good but you don’t need me to say it). They moved their 16th and Sansom location to a shiny, new, beautiful spot on 19th and Sansom. Their falafel, shawarma spice fries, and tehina shakes still slap as hard as they ever did.

I want to eat this over and over and over again
Mint Chocolate Tehina Shake – Shamrock Shake who?!

Buena Onda

When you need a casual but delicious taco and margarita moment, you can head on over to Buena Onda. Two girlfriends and I made it a mission to go here when the first signs of spring really began to reveal themselves. Chips and a marg, it’s the simple things in life.

Including this photo simply because I love the design of &pizza’s new location on the corner of 18th and Chestnut.

La vie bohème

And now, for something that is particularly close to my heart… the following is promoting an event I’m working on at my job.

On April 28, we are hosting an ages 45-and-under performance of Puccini’s La bohème, which is the opera that inspired Jonathan Larson’s Rent. Obviously I am biased, but this is a fabulous and fun evening out, especially if you’ve never experienced live opera before. And the fact that it’s bohème? It really doesn’t get better as an introduction to opera. There’s also a post-performance Champagne reception with the cast, so you can meet and mingle with the stars.

Did I mention that tickets are just $25 (regular tickets are $68)?

If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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