Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Johnny Brenda’s

It has been a minute since a concert or music review has appeared on the blog. We’re changing that today, folks.

On Friday April 1 and Saturday April 2, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (CYHSY) played to a packed house at Johnny’s Brenda’s. I was able to attend the April 1st show, and was dancing along with his fans, friends and family alike.

If you’re not familiar, CYHSY is the music project of Alec Ounsworth, who is originally from  Mount Airy. It was a great experience being at a hometown show. I was familiar with CYHSY circa my “emo” days in 2005-2007ish, and it was so cool to finally see a live show. It was also fun to be back at Johnny Brenda’s – the last concert I saw pre-p*ndemic was there.

Warmth and camaraderie is the best thing about catching a live show, aside from the artist themselves, of course. It’s just one of those I’ll never take for granted, and it was certainly felt at this show.

Enjoy some photos from the show below!

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In any discussion regarding songwriters and lyricists of 21st century independent music, Alec Ounsworth and his moniker, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, will feature prominently. Few have been as consistently eclectic and intimate; fewer still remain defiantly independent, refusing to sign deals that compromise artistic vision. That is what characterizes Ounsworth’s oeuvre, especially the lifetime project he initiated sometime in the early 2000s, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. And with each release since its landmark self-titled debut, the Philadelphia-based artist has refined and broadened his sound, indulging an ever wider set of influences. Prolific and enigmatic as ever, his recent works marry the quirky, left-field spirit of the early years with a well-earned confidence, and grander sense of scale and sensitivity. Always heading down new avenues of song arrangement and organic connection to his audience, after nearly two decades Ounsworth remains one of music’s most distinctive voices.

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