Philly Finds Vol. 52 + checking-in

Welcome one and all to Philly Finds – this one is Old City heavy.

How have you been doing? I’ve recently been ironing out summer travel plans and keeping busy. In the weeks of packed schedules and plans, I crave solitude and quiet. Yet when I do get what I desire, I immediately feel antsy and restless. I just want to LAY and REST without a single thougt in my brain. This has been a longstanding problem/issue/whatever you want to call it of mine, but it has certainly gotten better. Just learning to be and to exist. Namaste.

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Onto the finds!

NE Flower Boutique

Il y a des fleurs partout pour qui veut bien les voir. – “there are flowers everywhere for those who bother to look.” 

To be gifted this beautiful spring bouquet from NE Flower Boutique was truly a gift. These flowers are just stunning, the fragrance amplified my apartment. They have two locations, in Old City and Northeast Philly, and this may be your answer to a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Revolution House

The Philly dining scene has a lack of solid rooftop bars. But luckily we do have Revolution House (as well as our next location), located in Old City on 2nd and Market. We recently went to try their new cocktails and menu options. Highlights included: Chicken kebabs, potato croquettes, Korean tacos, and shishito peppers.

Pink Lady Liberty cocktail
Turmeric tang cocktail
Chicken kebab

Sunset Social is back open for the summer season

Perched on Cira Green is Sunset Social, a lush, green food and drink experience. When Sunset Social opens back up for the season, it’s almost like the unofficial start of summer in Philly. You can catch me here multiple times over the summer, Lover Boy in hand.

Veggie nuggets, crinkle fries and margarita

Autograph Wayne

If you ever want to escape the city for a weekend brunch, I absolutely recommend Autograph. The restaurant is home to .over 1000 celebrity autographs, music albums, and authentic photographs. Each room has a very different vibe and theme, which makes the experience dining there all the more fun and exciting.

Green goddess sandwich
Our king

Rosalie Wayne’s Derby Day

I get to do my Joan Rivers best (but not as harsh, and definitely not as funny) as a guest judge for Rosalie’s first annual Derby Day Party! I’ll be judging best dressed, while watching the race and sipping on mint juleps. Join me!

Rothman Roller Rink

Get your Xanadu on – Rothman Roller Rink at City Hall is back open. I have to say, this year’s menu selection is excellent, and there are plenty of cocktail and mocktail options.

Plan your visit – Hour-long sessions are offered Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. – 8:45 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 11:15 p.m.

Cheesesteak spring rolls and churros
 Transfusion cocktail pouch

Two more quick mentions before we wrap up…

Shout out to The Olde Bar for a fantastic happy hour menu.

I can’t believe I’m just learning about Sassafras – where have you been hiding all of my life? It’s one of the best bars I’ve been to recently, and I want it to become my new spot.

That’s all for today, talk soon <3

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