Philly artist Sara Henya releases new single Willow Fae

“Get your fill, while it is summer,”

Philly-based, ethereal wave artist Sara Henya coaxes us in her new single, Willow Fae.

The single, a fairy-centric ethereal tune that intertwines rhythmic harp, subtle pop notes, and dreamy vocals, features various elements from several genres and perfectly embodies her upcoming album. The song features sweet yet haunting harp melodies, and listeners are transported to a glen on a sunny, summer day. Dare I say, one indeed becomes a fairy while listening. While hearing this song for the fist time, I couldn’t help but think that it would have also perfectly meshed into the Spring Awakening soundtrack.

All of the songs that will be on the upcoming EP were written and composed by Sara, produced by Philadelphia/LA-based producer Matti Beresin, and mastered by Ryan Schwabe (Pussy Riot, Beach Bunny)

This single is part of an unreleased five-song EP. Building on her 2020 singles Pancakes and Walk Through The Woods, as well as her most recent release, Moon Shadow, she continues to define her unique and dreamy mix of harp, electronic, and folk music. Her previous releases have received widespread radio play on Folk and Alternative programs such as Out of the Woods, Power Folk, Womenspace, and Radio 104.5’s “Live at 5.”

Sara took the time to answer a few questions about her music, which you can check out below. You can also find Sara over on Instagram and YouTube, and stream her new single below.

Congrats on your new single! It’s so ethereal. What sort of things or people inspire you to make this celestial type of music?

I grew up in the science fiction and fantasy community, so fairy music has been a constant in my life. It feels natural to me to write about things like that.

Is there a song off of your new EP that you’re particularly proud of?

Willow Fae is actually my favorite song on the new album! The harp part is really exciting to play as it’s a full-body experience. My hands cross over each other for the main melody, making every part of it– musically and visually, fun for the audience to watch.

Any chance we can catch you performing live soon?

I’ll be performing at Khyber Pass Pub on Saturday, June 25th for my management company’s birthday show. I’ll also be at Worldcon this year in Chicago on September 3rd!

Thank you for stopping by Sara!

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