Philly Finds Vol. 60

Volume 60 of Philly Finds! And they said it couldn’t be done.

Next week I’m off to Lake Tahoe for a trip, so prepare to be sick of me. Much content. Or who knows, perhaps I’ll choose to unplug and fully embrace the moment. Seems unlikely, but crazier things have happened!

Dani Causey Skin

Last week began with a skincare demonstration at Dani Casey Skin in Newtown Square. I’ve started taking my skincare routine more seriously and have invested in different products, which seem to be doing the trick! I’m talking even texture, and reducing of redness and bumps. For years I dealt with cystic and hormonal acne (read about that here), and now that that’s under control, I feel like I can better begin all things to correct, maintain and prevent.

So with all that being said, I was very much looking forward to seeing skincare treatments in action. Dani, who has over 24 years of experience in this area, showed us a method with “micro currents” – think of it like a non-surgical facelift. There was about 7 of us in the room, and we all gasped when we noticed how immediate the results of this treatment were – it was pretty incredible. This type of treatment is something that needs to be done every few weeks, which is something to take note of.

Dani offers services such as chemical peels, micro needling, skincare treatment, and much more (she can also help with acne scarring, which is something I inquired about). And if Dani’s stunning skin is any indication of what you can expect from her work, then you know you are in good hands!

Dani demonstrating the procedure


Am I a bad “grew up outside of Philly” person if I have never been to Hymie’s? The answer is probably yes! And my first visit there was for a special reason. My friend Kerry is going to be on a television program (!), highlighting three Philly restaurants! Hymie’s will be one of those restaurants, so we accompanied her as she gathered her intel. We ate latkes, French toast with bananas, breakfast sandwiches and matzo ball soup until our stomachs burst. A trip to the suburbs for Hymie’s seems like it should be added to my weekend agendas.

The famous pickle bar
Matzo Ball Soup
Turkey wrap
Latkes and home fries

Paulie Gee’s Soul City Slice

Paulie Gee’s is the new kid on the block in the Gayborhood. Located on 13th Street between Pine and Lombard (formerly Amis Trattoria), Paulie Gee’s is serving up slices and pies – and damn good ones at that. The pie we ordered – the Freddy Prinze – would take about a half hour to make, so naturally we ordered two starter slices. It’s very casual, and the bar makes a mean cocktail. You can also find yourself flipping through vinyls, playing pool or retro video games. Mangia!

Negroni to start the evening
Freddy Prinze – Upside Down Sicilian with Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Romano, and a Sesame Seed Bottom.

Tomorrow – Mind, Body, Soul & Shopping Event at Autograph

With over 30 vendors in attendance, attendees can enjoy mini-spa treatments and health and wellness products, meet local book authors and find your perfect summer read, and shop for the latest fashions, beautiful jewelry, and accessories as well as great gifts and must-have items for your home. Receive free giveaways and sample products. Tickets are $20 and include a glass of wine as well as a ticket for entering to win one of 32 amazing raffle prizes. Tickets are limited and can be purchased here.

Philly Mag’s Soiree Event

Last week, Philly Mag hosted an event for Philly’s influencer scene at Michael Solomonov’s new venue Lilah. I posted a lottttt about this event, so you most likely may not even need a full recap here. But I want to get a bit mushy, and include here what I wrote in my Instagram caption about the event:

“Not to be emotional on the timeline, but this event was something 2015 me could only dream of when I began taking blogging seriously. It felt like it represented the culmination of countless hours of editing, writing, creating, shooting, emailing, negotiating, branding & designing (with a *sprinkle* of self-doubt thrown in there). I can only hope that I give back as much to this community & city that has given me so much.” <3 <3

Dress is from my first ever Nuuly order. I won’t shut up about using Nuuly now I love it!!!!
Emily and Grace!!!
Alex and Mike
Cara aka PhilaWalks
Whitney aka The Reclaimed

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