6 Top Apps That Are a Must for New Moms

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Good morning! Today’s post will be looking at some helpful apps for those who have kids. While I myself am not a mom, many of my friends are. Seeing their journeys to motherhood has been such a privledge to watch.

So, if you are a new mom, there’s a good chance that you are feeling overwhelmed most of the time. No matter how many parenting books you read, you are likely in for something unexpected each day. Since life as a new parent can be challenging, new moms welcome all the help they can get. There are many apps available that are designed to make motherhood just a little bit easier. Whether you are searching for a place to connect with fellow moms or you want to apply for a term life insurance quote—we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to discover useful apps that make life easier for new moms!

1.) Fabric Life Insurance & Family Financial Planning App

Fabric gives new parents a way to secure a term life insurance quote, easily manage savings accounts, and more!

Manage your finances from one convenient app. Image courtesy of Investopedia.

One of the best applications for new parents is the Fabric for life insurance and family financial planning. As a new parent, the most important thing you can do for your child is plan for their future—no matter what happens. The best way to do this is by applying for life insurance online

With the right term life insurance plan, new parents can make sure that their children and other family members are covered in the case of their passing. While life insurance planning may not be the most fun or uplifting subject for new moms, it is a necessity and will give you long term peace of mind.

Beyond the benefits of finding a term life insurance plan, there are many other benefits included in the Fabric app. Using the Fabric app, new moms can input their information and receive a to-do list of financial priorities for the future. Using your financial planning checklist, you can start saving money to pay off your home, your car, and even start saving for your child’s higher education.

The Fabric app is free of charge and is easy to set up, so you won’t have to waste your time with figuring out a complicated new tool. All you have to do is input your data to start tracking your different savings accounts and credit cards. Additionally, the application offers a free will writing service to which you can designate an executor and beneficiaries to your assets in the event of your passing. 

If you are a new mom who is struggling to get a big-picture view of your finances, then we highly recommend trying out the free Fabric app.

2.) Peanut

Use Peanut to connect to with others and share parenting tips

Connect with other moms using Peanut. Image courtesy of Forbes.

One of the least frequently discussed subjects regarding new motherhood is isolation. When your main task is to take care of your new baby, you are never off the clock. For many new moms, this makes it nearly impossible to get regular social time with other adults. Feeling of isolation and loneliness can add stress to the already stressful task of being a new mom—which is why we recommend Peanut. Peanut is a social network for moms-to-be and new mothers to connect, share parenting tips, and discuss the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Using the app, you can connect with moms to discuss a variety of subjects including common troubleshooting tips, work/life balance, maternity leave, different stages of development, and more! When you have a supportive virtual community behind you cheering you on, many new moms feel less alone during the early stages of parenthood.

3.) Basket

Without the help of Basket, you could be missing out on the best deals for parenting supplies like baby food and diapers

Monitor prices on baby necessities. Image courtesy of Apple.

Having a baby is expensive. No matter how you look at it, the cost of raising a child is constantly rising, so it is in every parent’s benefit to find ways to cut costs on everyday baby items. One of the easiest ways to get a great deal on the items you need is by downloading Basket. Basket is a crowdsourcing app that will let you know where you can buy your preferred brands at the cheapest price. Instead of wasting time—and gas money—going from store to store to find a bargain or scouring online retailers, you can easily find the best prices using Basket. When you input the products you want to save money on, the Basket app automatically searches local stores and cross references them with online retailers to make sure you are getting the best price every day. Since prices can differ up to 40% day by day, Basket is one of the only ways that you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible. 

4.) Baby Pics

Keep all of your precious pictures in one place with additional scrapbooking features

Easily manage photos with Baby Pics. Image courtesy of AppAdvice.

Gone are the days of taking your photos to be developed. Now, everyone has their photos saved on their phone which can feel a little bit precarious and impermanent. To secure your memories, try using Baby Pics. Baby Pics is a photo app that allows you to save your photos in a private cloud-based storage and add notes, artwork, and other designs that feel just like you are creating a scrapbook. The app includes baby-specific features too, like milestone markers that you can add to photos and videos. For example, you can save a video of your baby’s first steps and easily access the video thanks to the milestone marker. Once you have added additional art and text to your memories, you can order prints to display around your home with just a few taps. Managing your most treasured memories of your new baby has never been easier.

5.) MommyMeds

Get the answers you need by using MommyMeds

Get the advice you need—quickly. Image courtesy of Google Play.

As all new moms know, parenthood is rarely straightforward. Every now and then, moms need trustworthy answers to important questions regarding over-the-counter and prescription medications. To learn whether or not a certain medication is safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend using MommyMeds. MommyMeds is an easy way to find out which medications are new mom and baby-approved. Powered by Texas Tech University Health Sciences center, the application allows you to scan medications from a barcode or manually search many different widely available medications. All you have to do is select the medication you searched for and the application will tell you if the ingredients are safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Additionally, the app will provide you with drug safety recommendations and a complete list of ingredients so you can feel comfortable starting a new medication while you are expecting or breastfeeding.

6.) White Noise Baby

This app has several different white noise settings to help you get your baby to sleep

Eliminate distractions with white noise. Image courtesy of Apple.

Getting your new baby on a regular sleep schedule may seem like a nearly impossible task. For most new parents, the first few months are characterized by sleepless nights and followed by sleepless days. To give you a bit of help lulling your baby to sleep, we recommend the White Noise Baby app. With over 20 unique types of sleep sounds to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that works for your new baby—and maybe even one for yourself! Included in the app is a timer system, so the app isn’t accidentally running down your phone battery while your baby sleeps. 

We hope that you found this list of applications helpful—and that you put a few of them to the test in real life. Being a new mom is challenging, but there are always resources out there to make your life easier! These are just a few of the apps on the market that moms can use to simplify daily life as a parent, so feel free to continue exploring!

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