Brunching at White Dog Café in Glen Mills

No matter how many times I’ve been to a White Dog Café location, I leave falling more and more in love with them. Of course the food never disappoints, but it’s the atmosphere, décor and service that makes each and every visit that much more enjoyable. And I’ve formed so many memories at their locations, too. While we still lived at home, my cousins and I would often catch up at White Dog Wayne every few months, so the restaurant holds a special place in my heart.

This weekend I paid a visit to their newest location, White Dog Glen Mills, after a visit to Chaddsford Winery which is just up the road (more on that later). This White Dog location opened about two years ago, and I had the chance to check it out prior to its opening. It was so nice to be back!

We began with a spicy Bloody Mary and a gin and sparkling wine cocktail, along with the Maryland crab dip. You MUST get this dip when visiting. It’s also been well documented on this blog that White Dog’s avocado BLT is one of my favorite sandwiches, and I get it nearly every time I visit a WD location. And of course, I had to stay true to the brand and ordered it again, while Grace opted for the fried chicken sandwich. An employee mentioned how much she loved the grilled meatloaf sandwich, which I look forward to trying in the future!

Although full and content from our main course, we still had room for dessert of course. Our waitress shared that the peaches and cream was her favorite dessert, so naturally we had to order that along with espresso martinis.

White Dog is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner – you can check out all of their menus here. And stay tuned – White Dog Chester Springs is coming soon!

Lightning spotting <3
Maryland crab dip
Avocado BLT
Peaches & cream for dessert

Cheers! 🥂

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