Philly Finds Vol. 66

Hello my sweets, welcome back to Philly Finds.

In staying true to form, it appears I’ve fallen prey to another online scam (remember the SkinGlo debacle?). I ordered a pair of shoes from a company called Covoay, which I came across on a TikTok ad. The shoes were cute, and the company seemed legit (I promise that I a Google search), but after a week of no shipping updates (I am impatient and we live in a society of instant gratification), I became suspicious. I emailed them asking for updates, and their response back (“As the items you bought are hot sale and customized products so our warehouse need to take some time to arrange them” ???) said all I needed to know and I cancelled my order. Will I get my money back is another story! So all this to say, don’t shop on Covoay.

Anywho, I’m dragging my feet on finishing a Substack piece about the intentional meme-ification of pop stars. Think Halsey’s TikTok when she said her record label wouldn’t let her release a song. You can subscribe here to read it when I eventually get it out.

Finally, I launched an Etsy shop for the Italian posters! The shop includes both physical posters & digital downloads. Tell your friends 🙂


This week I had dinner at Southgate, which serves up modern takes on Korean food. Despite having passed in at least 600 times during my time in Philly, I have never been there. Our dinner consisted of kimchi fries, spicy cucumbers, bao buns, dolsot bibimbap, and pork ramen. We also did their version of a City Wide, which is Kirin beer and a shot of soju.

The one thing that is especially worth mentioning is their solid happy hour menu, which goes from 4-7pm Tuesday-Friday, and 2-7pm Saturday & Sunday.

Kimchi fries
Pork bao bun

Franklin and Whitman Rooftop Pilates

Event Details:

Philly based skin care company Franklin and Whitman is hosting a Sunset Pilates for the Pups event on October 3rd benefiting the Pennsylvania SPCA. The workout will be led by Theresa Schweingruber of The Balance Room and a delicious dinner will be served after. It’s going to be an evening of wellness, pups and great local Philly vendors!

Tickets are $45 and can be purchased here.

Talk soon! <3

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