Philly’s Running In Circles Releases Debut EP today

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve shown Philly musicians some love on the blog, and we’re changing that today.

Rising indie-rock duo Running in Circles dropped their self-titled debut EP today. The group stands out for their innate ability to blend together an array of sounds derived from both current and classic music trends. In Running in Circles, the audience follows the journey of a young-adult navigating love, heartbreak, and maturity as they enter a new stage of their life. It’s safe to say that this EP represents the group’s most well produced body of work to date.

The band is composed of Aden Dubin and Zac Pacuraru, who work together to write and produce all of the band’s music. Based out of Philly, the band has been breaking into the local scene by playing shows around the city over the last few months.

The six-track EP takes the listener on an emotional journey, especially with “Don’t Take It Away” which pulls on the listener’s heartstrings with vulnerable lyrics. Alternatively, the upbeat opener “Just For Fun” is a more light hearted tune with a contagious melody and strong riff which propels the high energy song forward. The songs dig even further into the minds of the young artists, giving an honest account of their experiences through introspective lyrics which cut deep. 

Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, the band stays loyal to their Philly roots. Inspired from a young age by their creative and culturally rich city, these singer-songwriters have curated a well-rounded and individual sound. Their music blends together sounds from both the modern and classic indie rock music scene. The band pulls inspiration from Men I Trust and Mac DeMarco, contributing to the band’s eccentric yet familiar vibe.

Back in April of this year, Running in Circles released their fourth single, titled “So What”. The song accumulated more than 1000 streams in the first week, and the band has been consistently growing their fanbase since their debut release of “wdym?” back in October. Fans of Running in Circles can expect music that is more bold and vulnerable than previous releases as the band enters this new era of their artistry.

Congratulations to Running in Circles! 

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