Philly Finds Vol. 71

Welcome to the first Philly Finds of 2023!

If you can believe it, which you probably can knowing my history, I began writing this Philly Finds post on December 27, 2022. In fact, the first few lines read, “How were your holidays? Did you survive? I for one am already missing being a lady of leisure.” I’ve still been trying to implement a lady of leisure lifestyle ever since I wrote that…

And speaking of being a leisurely lady – in a few weeks, I’m heading to Miami for a much needed girl’s trip. Much needed in the sense that I haven’t travelled much within the past few months, and I have been craving a trip. A jaunt to the south of Florida with the gals will surely soothe the soul. Here’s hoping to having many Alix Earle-esque moment, i.e. being fabulous, carefree and fun. And if you have any Miami recs, please send ’em my way.

Ok, let’s hop into it.

If you haven’t read yet:

Places on my radar to check out:


All aboard the Moshulu for the launch of rosé season with Hampton Water and Jesse Bongiovi (yes, the son of Jon Bon Jovi)

Guests are invited to enjoy Bongiovi’s Hampton Water Rosé, small bites, an intimate meet and greet with Jesse, and the opportunity to win a guitar signed by Jon Bon Jovi! Tickets are required and include a Hampton Water Rosé hat that can be signed by Jesse Bongiovi, a raffle ticket to enter to win the autographed guitar, small bites, and a glass of Hampton Water Rosé. Born in 2017, Hampton Water is the fruit of the collaboration between Jesse Bongiovi, Bongiovi’s rocker dad, Jon Bon Jovi, Ali Thomas, and acclaimed winemaker, Gérard Bertrand. Hampton Water captures the spirit shared between the Hamptons and the South of France: enjoying life and a good bottle of wine to share with friends. See you there!

Andra Hem

The Inquirer broke the news that sexy, Scandinavian bar Andra Hem (meaning “second home” in Swedish) had recently opened quietly in Rittenhouse. I paid a visit the day the Inquirer article dropped, as did many others, as the bar when crowded when I arrived. The cocktails were really fantastic; they alone are worth the visit. The charcuterie board was also great, which made me excited to eventually return for their dinner. I imagine that it’s become quite the hot spot since opening, but luckily it looks like you can now make reservations.

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

On a free day that I had, I decided to take myself on a caffeinated adventure. I walked around Philly to visit several coffee shops I hadn’t been to before. Needless to say, my day was spent caffeinated and happy. The spots I checked out were Vernick Coffee Bar in the Comcast Building, Thank You Thank You, and Matcha Panda.

Vernick Coffee Bar
Thank You Thank You
Matcha Panda

Recent bites I’ve enjoyed (and think you will too):

The Townsend Wentz Restaurant Group, the team behind A Mano and Oloroso, recently opened The Hayes, a “contemporary American tavern” located on 11the and Walnut. A group of friends and I went for a late night dinner, and were delighted with every single dish we ordered. The absolute standout though? The baked feta.

The baked feta from The Hayes

I have a general rule of thumb that if I see a Cubano on a menu, I’m ordering it. So whilst having brunch at Tela’s Market and spotted it on the menu, it was game over.

Cubano from Tela’s Market

Pearl and Mary, located on 13th and Sansom, is Michael Schulson‘s latest culinary offering. Here you’ll find all things seafood, from several different crudo options to their raw bar. Our favorite? The clams casino.

Clams casino from Pearl and Mary

And last, but certainly not least – Wallace Street Bakeshop. Do you like homemade focaccia? Would you enjoy dipping said focaccia into a spicy tomato sauce? If you’ve answered yes to the above questions, then you will certainly love Wallace Street Bakeshop. And it just so happens that this home bakery is near and dear to me, as it’s the creation of my pal Ellie. Ellie bakes up the most delicious focaccia, from your classic rosemary garlic to banana peppers with sausage (my favorite), as well as spicy tomato sauce which has multiple uses. I’ve brought her bread to several dinners, and it has always been a hit. I think it’s because you can feel the love in her baking (Ellie will hate that I said that but it’s the truth).

DM her on Instagram to place your order (although please note as of time of publishing she is currently enjoying her vacation 😉)!

That’s all for now, talk soon! xo

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