Moulin Rouge! The Musical – from Broadway to Philadelphia

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I won’t bore you with a long preamble, as I’ve often talked about my love for musical theater here, there and everywhere. But I do want to share an experience I recently had, which was to attend a Broadway show as press (!), which was beyond a dream come true and top blogging highlight.

The musical in question? The sensational Moulin Rouge! The Musical, which I caught with fellow Philly ladies and Broadway lovers Brenda, Toi and Mel. Read on for my experience seeing the show and where you can see it in Philly!


After getting off of the train, we had dinner at 5Napkin, which was an ideal spot to grab a bite before show if you’re in a bit of a rush (but make a reservation, just in case). We were in and out – it got the job done. Following dinner, we walked down the block to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical VIP EXPERIENCE

I’ve gone to many a Broadway show in my day, but had yet to indulge in a VIP experience. And quite frankly, after experiencing it, I don’t know if I can go back to before…

And while we were comp’d for this experience, I would certainly say it’s worth it, and I would consider doing it for a future Broadway show. Not only do you have access to a private room and pre-show cocktails, but best of all you have a private bathroom.

Some other amenities to enjoy:

My dress is from Nuuly


The first thing that you’ll be absolutely wowed by is the set. Glittering, dazzling, and over-the-top – just perfect. And of course, the signature Moulin Rouge windmill is present.

About 10 minutes before the show officially begins, cast members begin sauntering onto stage, engaging in eye contact with the audience, absolutely seducing us. The ushers will be quick to let you know when to put your phones away.

The stage extends out, so audience members can really feel like a part of the how. “Interactive” isn’t the right word to describe the nature of the show, but there is a bit of cast and audience interaction.

The show blends together popular song after popular song – promise me when I say that you will know every single song. I personally think it’s fun going into this show not knowing the music and be surprised, simply because you will legitimately know every song. The second act opening number is especially breathtaking.

Our Broadway cast is led by Joanna “JoJo” Levesque (yes, that JoJo) as Satine and Derek Klena as Christian, our star-crossed lovers. Both had palpable chemistry, and incredible vocals to match. My favorite performance though? André Ward as Toulouse-Lautrec.

The entire production is a feast for the eyes, and you’ll feel fully immersed in the famous Parisian cabaret. The Playbill also has information on the actual Moulin Rouge, which I really appreciated.

As you might have already expected, it is a very sexy show. and lovers of the movie will certainly be pleased.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical COMES TO PHILLY JULY 5-30, 2023

If this has you wanting to see Moulin Rouge! The Musical for yourself, you’re in luck. It’s coming to the stunning Academy of Music July 5-30, 2023. I can’t wait to see how they make the Moulin Rouge come to life while on tour. And before I forget, Toi also has a wonderful write-up about her experience, which you can read here.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical is an experience, and is the perfect show for literally anybody and everybody. From the the costuming to the choreography, there is something for everyone.

Get your tickets here. After all, because you can-can-can. 😉

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