Upcoming event: White Dog Cafe and WMMR’s Preston & Steve to Host Sixth Annual “Dining Out for the Dogs” to Benefit Alpha Bravo Canine

Mark your calendars for an evening of philanthropy and fur-filled fun as The White Dog Cafe and WMMR’s Preston and Steve team up to host the highly-anticipated Sixth Annual Dining Out for the Dogs on Monday, August 21, 2023. This event aims to raise funds and support Alpha Bravo Canine, a Philly-based nonprofit organization that donates service dogs to U.S. veterans, helping them cope with debilitating medical and psychological conditions resulting from their active combat duty.

A Night to Remember

The suburban White Dog Cafe locations in Wayne, Haverford, and Glen Mills will be the epicenters of excitement, hosting a star-studded lineup of on-air personalities from WMMR, BEN FM, WMGK, WXTU, and The Fanatic. These charismatic hosts will be dining alongside guests and conducting enticing prize drawings throughout the evening.

Each service dog’s journey incurs an average cost of $30,000, varying based on the specific disability. However, Alpha Bravo Canine goes above and beyond, not charging veterans for either the training or the dog. Over the past three years, the Dining Out for the Dogs events have collectively raised an impressive $150,000, making a difference in the lives of veterans.

For those unable to attend the event, you can still contribute to Dining Out for the Dogs. Head to any White Dog Cafe location and make a donation of your choice at the bottom of your meal check, supporting this meaningful cause until August 21.

Puppy-Kissing Booths and VIP Tables

Each White Dog Cafe location will boast adorable puppy-kissing booths, where can guests cuddle and shower affection on Alpha Bravo Canine pups in exchange for a donation. For those who seek a more exclusive experience, a $35 donation secures a VIP (very important puppy) table with guaranteed outdoor seating for the event, accompanied by their furry friend (subject to availability). For inquiries about reserving a VIP table, kindly contact the White Dog Cafe location of your choice.

Delights for a Worthy Cause

Prepare your taste buds for a treat, as the White Dog Cafe locations roll out their much-loved signature shortbread boned-shaped cookies for takeaway, priced at just $10 per bag. Additionally, the evening’s dessert menu will feature adorable pup-cakes, pup-inspired cupcakes, baked in-house, with all proceeds generously benefiting Alpha Bravo Canine! And, be sure to capture the moment at the Glen Mills location with a photo in front of a delightful balloon installation, crafted by Moments by Max.

For those who crave savory delights, indulge in a gourmet flight of hot dogs for $40, with every cent dedicated to supporting Alpha Bravo Canine’s noble mission.

The menu:

Impact of Alpha Bravo Canine

With an estimated twenty percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or depression, and a staggering average of 22 veterans succumbing to suicide daily in the United States, totaling 8,030 lives lost in just one year, Alpha Bravo Canine stands as a beacon of hope for the local veteran community. The organization provides expertly trained service dogs to U.S. military veterans facing challenges like PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other combat-related disabilities.

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