An Invitation Fit for a Real Housewife

One thing I absolutely love (among many reasons) about this blog’s readers is that you’re Real Housewives fanatics like me. Whether it’s live tweeting a season finale or purchasing a Real Housewives tagline mug (guilty), I know I’m in good company. And I think we can agree that of the best franchises to come out recently is the Real Housewives of Melbourne, which has provided us with some truly iconic moments. I remember watching the first season thinking “I need more of this immediately.”  

So when Giant Invitations came to me about writing a feature story about their stunning wedding invitations for RHOM’s Gamble Breaux’s wedding, I of course said yes. I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery and elegant touches to an event, especially when it’s a Real Housewives event. I wanted to know more about what goes into creating an invitation fit for a Real Housewife.

The Giant Invitation design team worked very closely with Gamble and her designer Alin Le’Kal to design invitations that aligned with her understated, elegant, white-on-white color palette. After Giant discovered that her Alin Le’ Kal gown was detailed with hundreds of glass pearls (I mean, come on), they made the decision to keep this intricate design in the invitation detailing. The Giant designers also took into consideration that her wedding was taking place on a beach in Byron Bay, so they included earthy, forest imaging, as you can see in the details below.


An exclusive look at Gamble’s Alin Le’Kal gown

So what exactly goes into creating such an invitation? The design was first hand drawn, then transferred onto a software program which coded the drawing onto a laser. But just like a Real Housewives episode, there was a bit of drama, both in getting the design with the laser just right and making a brilliant, last minute decision to include a pop up of two birds resting on a branch. When Gamble saw a prototype with the birds, she absolutely fell in love. The floral design on the back was hand-painted by a Giant designer using watercolors, which was then replicated among the other invitations.


I think anyone getting married would be absolutely thrilled with the final outcome, and it sounds like Gamble was no exception, saying “Giant – Thank you so much for creating such GORGEOUS invitations for my wedding with Wolfy! The housewives absolutely loved them!” And the team was absolutely ecstatic with having them on Arena’s (Australia’s Bravo) Real Housewives of Melbourne. Giant’s creative director Attila Vermes said “Our whole team got a huge kick out of seeing our invitations go live on air! Gamble was also an absolute joy to work with. She was so down to earth and knew exactly what she wanted which made the process so much easier!”



Giant, I can easily see why any Real Housewife would love these invitations. They are just beautiful! And if you want to see more of Giant’s designs, check out what they did for Vanessa Williams

Giant Invitations was kind enough to share this post on their Facebook account.

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