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How to Get There

I love following a good travel Instagram account; one that inspires you to book that next flight, get out of your comfort zone, and explore the world.

I’ll often come across insanely beautiful locations on social media, as many of us do, but would probably have no idea how to get to those places if I visited the country pictured. For example, photos of the stunning pink and purple houses in London always popped up on my Explore page, but I had no idea how I would find them – seeing them in London in person was pure luck.

Recently, I found out that my friend Mike created his own travel project titled How To Get There, where he curates on the best in travel pics. But this isn’t your average travel inspo account. Mike breaks down in each of his captions how to locate each place photographed by country, city, and best transportation options. You’ll find tips on the best times of the year to visit a destination, and the history behind each place. It’s the perfect account for whether you need help planning out your next trip, or just a little inspiration to get going.

Check out some of the best pics from HTGT, join the movement, and figure out “how to get there” for your next trip!

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Netflix & Churchill If you’re taking a trip across the pond you’ve got to checkout the Churchill Arms. This leafy pub was built way back in 1750, right before the Brits and the soon-to-be-free Americans fought a war in wigs. The Pub was frequented by Churchill’s grandparents, and was renamed after the man himself following World War II. Tag someone you could drink a pint (or five) with here. @churchillarmsuppsala • • Pro tip: If you subscribe to their website before you go, you get a free drink in return, plus other cool deals that you could take advantage of if you’re staying in the area. • • How To get There: The Pub’s right in the heart of London. It’’s address is 119 Kensington Church Street, London. You can go for a stroll through a historical neighborhood if you’re close by. Otherwise we say you’re best bet is to hop in an #uber or taxicab. • • shots fired by our friend @camille_mola – check out her awesome blog at positivepublicityblog.com • • #howtogetthere #england #harrypotter #worldtravel #instablog #photography #winstonchurchill #wanderlust #americanrevolution #gopro #unitedkingdom #britain #cannon #summer #tourism #trains #london #roadtrip #hipster #solotravel #adventure #travelblog #explore #america #temples #palace #thechurchillarms #pubs

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Oh Whale 🐋 Have a desire to swim with the world’s largest fish? Here in Oslob you can see nearly 100 tourists some mornings waiting for their chance to dive in with the whale sharks in some of the clearest waters off the coasts of the Philippines. Passengers can climb into catamarans in groups of ten to experience this ultimate snorkeling spectacle. Tag your travel pal 👊🏻 • • The charge for the whale shark swimming? US $23 for a half hour session. Certainly worth it to catch these protected species in the wild. • • How To get There: Oslob can be reached by flying into Dumaguete from Cebu. Ferries also run from Sibilant port, Dumaguete to Liloan port, Oslob every hour from 5 a.m. The last ferry back from Oslob is at 7:30 pm and adult fair costs roughly a US $1.50. • • shots fired of @jeremyjauncey and @tomjauncey of @beautifuldestinations and by @jacob – If you havnt heard of them, come on out of the rock you've been living under; its nice out here 😜 Just kidding, kind of. • • #howtogetthere #worldtravel #instablog #philippines #oslob #whaleshark #photography #nature #swimwithsharks #wanderlust #waterfalls #backpacking #camping #tourguide #wetraveled #outdoorsports #sharks #cannon #summer #tourism #roadtrip #hipster #adventure #travelblog #explore #blogger #asia #wilderness #whales

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Skop Till You Drop We can’t decide if Kolmanskop is something out of a fairy tale or a horror movie. This Namib Desert ghost town in southern Namibia has been ~deserted~ for years. The area was once rich with diamonds, and became a prosperous mining village operated by the germans in the early 1900s. Soon after the first world war, however, the diamond fields depleted and people probably got tired of eating sand for three meals a day. With no more reason to stick around, the town was abandoned. Now tourists explore the site while walking through the eerie houses and shops knee deep in sand. • • Plenty of popular films and documentaries have been shot in this time capsule. Our favorite is the non-narrative documentary film called Samsara, which was shot over 5 years and in 25 counties. You can watch it for free online – it’s super cool. • • How To get There: Visitors here can take an hour-long tour offered daily from Luderitz, the port town just fifteen minutes up the road. You can book the tour at the boat yard on Insell Street. Adult tickets only cost 7 US dollars with discounts for children. • • shots fired by @ekaycollective • • #howtogetthere #worldtravel #landscapelovers #nature #southafrica #africa #desert #hikes #photography #desertlandscapes #wanderlust #wander #instatravel #tourist #followme #namibia #tourism #luderitz #hipster #views #travelblog #blogger #kolmanskop #adventure #travelabroad #explore #friends #chooseyourviews

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Sun-settling 🌞❄️🌞 Meet Seljalandsfoss – say that ten times fast. This waterfall in Iceland is one of the most iconic (and easy to get to) in all of Iceland. You can see it off to the left from a couple miles away as you approach along Route 1. Once you throw your rental in park (or hop off your guided tour bus if that’s more your speed) you can snap shots of Seljalandsfoss from several vantage points, our favorite being directly behind the falls. TLC had it all wrong, you should definitely go chasing waterfalls. Tag someone you’ve been meaning to plan an Iceland trip with. 🙌🏼 • • How To get There: Chances are you’re coming from Reykjavik – Iceland’s quaint coastal capital, and the drive couldn’t be easier (Straight on Rt. 1, a two lane country road, the entire way). Larry Page and his pals over at Google put this at about an hour and a half per Google Maps. And they’re right. Although, if you give it some gas and drive directly there without stopping you can get there in about an hour. But you’ll probably want to get out to take pictures and pet the Icelandic horses along the way, which will get you to that 1.5 hour mark. Google, you’re smarter than we know. • • shots fired by @michaelmatti – his page is pretty incredible and you should hundo p check it out. • • #howtogetthere #iceland #reykjavik #bluelagoon #wowair #worldtravel #icelandair #photography #nature #mountains #wanderlust #lakes #backpacking #volcanos #tourguide #wetraveled #outdoorsports #cannon #summer #tourism #roadtrip #hipster #wowairlines #adventure #travelblog #explore #blogger #nikon #geothermal #hotspring

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