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You may remember not too long ago I teamed up with Australia’s invitations and stationary experts Giant Invitations to chat about their lovely wedding invitations for Real Housewives of Melbourne’s star Gamble Breaux’s wedding.  I was so excited to write about one of my favorite TV show personalities, but also to learn exactly what went into creating a beautiful invitation. We’ve talked about event planning and special events on Positive Publicity before, and invitations are a key part of any event.

Today I’m chatting with Adorn Invitations, the UK branch associated with Giant Invitations, to talk about their invitations for Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams‘ wedding invitations! The design process was 2-months long, and the end result was an invitation that included actual 14k gold. Let’s take a look into the design process…

Since Vanessa and her now husband Jim Skrip met in Egypt, she wanted to incorporate an Egyptian aesthetic into the invitations. Adorn suggested utilizing Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, combined with highlights of gold. As you can see below, this color scheme did not disappoint. What says royalty quite like gold and a powerful hue of red? 



Incorporating a lotus flower into the design was especially meaningful, as it not only signifies new beginnings and luck, but Jim had engraved the lotus flower on their engagement bands. 



Are you feeling inspired yet? Adorn Invitations was awesome enough to send over some tips as to how you can achieve your own royal invitation designs:

“When creating or choosing your own invitation, it’s important to look back into your relationship and take inspiration from your milestones. Remember not just your highlights but also your hardships and how you overcame them. Remember the significant places that are dotted across your history (such as Egypt for Vanessa) and use them as inspiration in the colours, details and overall style.

Think about what colours best represent and embody your relationship. Did you meet in an exotic hot climate or perhaps in a small coffee shop on a rainy Winters afternoon… in that case go for cool tones. If you have a favorite holiday that you took, remember the shades of that trip that stood out, the sparkling turquoise water or the vibrant white colour of the snow… 

Dig deep! Small nuances and details such as the 14k golden lotus flower on Vanessa’s invitation are the real embodiments of your unique love story.”

We get so many emails and texts in our lives, receiving a beautifully designed piece of stationary feel so special and intimate. It’s easy to see how passionate and expert Adorn is about creating a unique, one-of-a-kind, and personalized invitations. No matter your next special event, whether a wedding or a special dinner with friends, gather your inspiration and check out Adorn. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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