I had a psychic reading over the phone…

Disclaimer: I received a free reading from Keen.com. All opinions are my own.

I’m into the esoteric. The soul searching. The spirit guides. The tarot (I’ve been studying and doing readings for almost a year). The crystals. The palo santo wood. The intuition. The auras. The moon. The stars. I’m not into it for the “aesthetic” or the “fad” – I take this ish for real ppl. Just wanted to get that out there right up front.

Everyone has their opinions on these spirituality tools and guides. I happen to fall into the category of “let me give you this crystal to help you sleep better” and “soooo what day were you born?”. I think everyone has a bit of psychic or intuitiveness in themselves – it’s whether or not we can tap into it can we then really experience it. You’ve probably had an “a-ha” moment or a coincidence that was just a little too coincidental.

I’ve had psychic readings before. Some good, some terrible (always do your research!). I’ve left readings feeling reassured, and I’ve left readings feeling terrified for my future (how fun!). But I’ve never had one over the phone. I gave another reading a shot when Keen.com reached out to me about receiving one (obviously I wasn’t going to turn it down). There are medium and psychic skeptics, and if you are one, this post isn’t here to convince you if psychics are real or not. I’m here to simply share my experience.

So what is Keen, Camille? Keen is “a leading community for online psychics, giving you a direct line to instant, live, personalized psychic advice. Getting an online psychic reading through Keen is safe, secure, confidential, and easy. You can connect with a psychic in our network anytime using your preferred conversation method: online chat, email reading, or phone call. ” They’re available 24/7, and also offer tarot readings and spiritual readings.

My reading was with intuitive and medium Alison Shine. Alison began our phone session by explaining who she is and what it is she does – immediately I felt at ease and calm about the experience I was about to have. Alison describes her method of reading as “customized, unique and individual to the person”. It’s important for her to take into account the person’s emotional mindset, personal goals, as well as any struggles and desires. Readings are not a one size fits all, so she likes to feel into their energy first to see what they need. She also loves to focus on highlighting her clients strengths through empowerment and encouragement. 

Alison described to me how she prepares for her readings: “I never know what is going to come through in a reading, until it begins. Therefore, one of my personal methods is releasing and surrendering my personal thoughts, feelings, or opinions. By getting my own ego out of the way, I am able to become a clear channel to what that person needs to hear. By focusing on being of service to the individual, and surrendering to the direction that my guides want to take the reading in, I find that there is greater meaning in the messages.” 

“To prepare for readings, I make sure to cleanse my energy and raise my vibration. This includes using tools and practices that facilitate inner peace and joy such as walking in nature, lighting sage, doing yoga stretches, and singing in the shower! I have a special piece of Vera Cruz Amethyst that I hold which helps to create a strong connection as well.”

As we got started, she tapped into a loved one of mine on the other side. I won’t go into all of the personal details here that we discussed, but I will say that Alison was very spot on with everything she was saying. She picked up on my personality traits, interests, dreams, fears – things she couldn’t have known by looking at my social media. I provided some details about myself throughout our session, as confirmation for what she was saying. For example, Alison saw me surrounded by a group of women in a collaborative setting. Did I have any projects coming up that I would be working on with a group of like-minded women? As it turns out, just two days before, I was discussing the possibility of doing a wellness workshop with other women. We talked about a wide variety of topics, from career, love, personal passions, relationships, and family. Our session ran around 30 minutes, and she also gave me the opportunity to ask her questions. Alison was warm, open and comforting.

The session wasn’t so much about predicting the future, but it was more of receiving confirmation of the things I was doing and wanting in life. It was a beautiful, lovely, raw and cleansing experience.

If you’re interested in receiving your first reading, here’s what Alison has to say about going into it: “Going into a psychic reading, I feel that it is important for others to understand that we all have these abilities. I never consider myself special, unique, or chosen because we can all do this. Intuition is like a muscle. When you practice and work at it diligently, you can develop your own innate abilities. This is also important to remember because after psychic readings, your own intuition magnifies. Personal signs and synchronicities will begin to show up more readily for you.
It is valuable to have an intention about what you want to receive in a reading, but ultimately what comes through for you is up to a higher power. It may be what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I recommend surrendering to the experience, relaxing, taking a few deep cleansing breaths, and having a notepad nearby to take notes.”

And that is my genuine and honest experience with Keen! If you’re still curious about my reading/experience, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram, I’ll spill 😉

Thank you for this experience Keen!

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