One more Thanksgiving treat

Art by Tyler Spangler

At the risk of this post getting lost in the tsunami of Black Friday emails, I’m adding one to your Inbox.

*Oprah voice* YOU get a curated playlist, and YOU get a curated playlist.

While walking off the Thanksgiving meal on an empty Ocean City beach today, I realized that a desolate beach, much like a train car with rain streaming down the window, is an ideal place to pretend you’re in a music video. This was the inspiration behind this musical post. And as long as I have a blog or a Twitter, I’ll be screaming my opinions to the masses, like this Vine.

I’m enjoying the assortment of artistic things I’m collecting in my life right now, both conventional and unconventional. Whether it’s lustful fashion pieces on Pinterest, podcasts, or new music, I feel like an art collector expanding my gallery and my horizons. I’m also feeling an excess of emotional creativity at the moment, which I’m still trying to figure out what to attribute that to.

Art from

As Spotify says, this playlist is a selection of songs that are on my current rotation (as well as some songs from my boyfriend who – and yes I may be a bit biased – has impeccable music taste). Much like this time of year, this playlist is mishmash of emotions. There are bops you hype you up before a night out with your high school friends who you still talk to. There are songs for when you need to escape from your family and scream into your pillow. You know, those tunes that warm your heart during these cold winter months. <3 It’s an amalgamation of every feeling you could experience during the holidays *plays In A Spiral by Phantogram*

Enjoy, and leave your own bops in a comment or DMs.

Bonus: My motivational playlist here.

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