Philly Finds Vol. 15

Hi friends, I hope you’re all doing well. Needless to say, it’s a pretty crazy, uncertain time right now. I hope you’re taking care of yourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m always here to chat if you need a little extra support <3 If you don’t already, I highly suggest following my friend and Philly blogger extraordinaire Emily Tharp – aka HerPhilly – on Instagram, where she has created a helpful COVID-19 Coping highlight.

If there are any organizations, small businesses, people who you know need extra support at this time, please let me know and send me their websites and/or social media. Now more than ever, they need our support. If you are a freelance artist, I encourage visiting this link.

I started compiling this issue of Philly Finds before, well you know, so hopefully this can serve as a way to fill some time and to give you some things to look forward to.

AND I wanted to mention one more thing before we get into this post… I recently started a new side blog called Exposing My Diary, where I’ve been revisiting my multiple diaries and poetry books from grade school through high school. I’ve just finished my 7th grade diary, and let’s just say 2005 was QUITE the year. It’s cringe! It’s awkward! It’s a must read. Join me in this awkward exploration of first heartbreaks, ~emo~ poetry, mean girls, self-doubt and discovery.

Bistrot La Minette

When people think of French cuisine in Philadelphia, Parc mostly comes to mind (speaking of, @Leo we’re going to go when it opens back up) Or we’ll go here. We’ll talk). But we need to talk about Bistrot La Minette more.

It’s become a favorite spot of my family’s. The first time I went to La Minette, I had the Œuf du Pêcheur – Fisherman’s style poached egg, toast, mussels, tarragon cream, and I have often thought about that delicious dish. My dad and I recently returned, and this meal was just as delicious as I remembered. I’d recommend this place for pretty much any occasion, be it a romanic night out, a brunch with friends or taking family when they’re visiting the city.

Œuf du Pêcheur, Fisherman’s style poached egg, toast, mussels, tarragon cream

El Techo

No one told me about El Techo? Despite every publication, blogger, outlet I follow in Philly, I haven’t seen a peep about El Techo. Call me a bad blogger, I can take it! Located on top of Condesa, El Techo is home to Mexican cuisine and cocktails, and a retractable roof. It’s a safe bet to say this is going to be a Philly summer hot spot (for all I know, it already is!). Thanks to my friend Andrew who introduced me to it.

Barnet Fair Hair Salon

After putting out a plea on Twitter for a new hairdresser, my friend Amanda (thank you!) came through with the suggestion to try out Barnet Fair in Old City. Stylist Melina (she is such a boss) absolutely understood exactly what I wanted, and I could not have been happier with the cut and color. Not to mention, I was pretty (extremely) happy with the PBR I received after a particularly stressful day. Plus, with the prices cuts and full color can be in the city, I was BEYOND thrilled with the cost of it. I also loved learning that Barnet Fair is Cockney slang for Hair, clever clever.

While the salon is currently closed due to recent events, you can purchase a gift card from them, as a portion of all gift card sales will go directly to their staff to support them while closed.

Sisterly Love Street Art Project

If you’ve recently taken a stroll around the city this month, you may have noticed some new art pieces that have popped up. This is thanks to the #SisterlyLove Project, a collaboration between Streets Dept, Visit Philly, Live Nation Philadelphia and several Philadelphia artists. According to the Visit Philly website, “the citywide outdoor exhibit features 20 works of temporary public art, each of a different change-making woman from Philadelphia’s past or present and created by one of 10 local artists.”

These type of public art installations are such an important and fantastic addition to the city, and I’m grateful for this collaboration during Women’s History Month.

Tina Fey by Lace in the Moon
Trans activist Nizah Morris by Marisa Velázquez-Rivas

Updates to Come Podcast

My friends Steph and Adam’s recently launched a new podcast called Updates to Come, and I was luck enough to be a recent guest! They have amazing banter and chemistry, and they are very unfiltered. If you need a new podcast to listen to during your isolation, give them a listen. You can find Updates to Come on Apple and Spotify Podcasts. Adam is also a very talented photographer, so hit him with that follow.

Photo from our recording

Stay safe and healthy guys, sending you lots of love <3

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