FemFocused: Out of Sight (Out of Mind) with Francesca Louise

“Music is a powerful tool, it is antidotal, it is motivation, it is therapy, it is home for so many people. I think that my responsibility as a singer-songwriter is to create something that people can listen to and feel at home with.”

confides Francesca
via Francesca Louise Instagram

Francesca Louise is a London based singer-songwriter originally from the North West of England. Combining folk/pop songwriting, sparkling with Joni Mitchell influence and Carol King inspired vocals, Louise’s sound reaps authenticity and honesty. With meditative melodies opening a door to escapism, her music acts as a melancholic medicine to people’s lives. 

Louise’s upcoming debut EP entitled Melancholic Antidote is a collection of personal experiences, life lessons, emotions and growth. Detailing topics such as love, career, family, goals and themes which resonate with listeners on a more personal, intimate level, with the hope to create music which is of comfort, enjoyment and reassurance.

Leading single Out of Sight (Out of Mind) is Louise’s most exposing song, glistening with sincerity. Straight to the point, the song sings about becoming dependent on love and the denial of feelings due to the fear of vulnerability and potential heart-break. It touches on insecurities of giving your heart to someone else and the risks and dangers that are involved in being transparent with your feelings for another person.

“It is a constant battle – head vs heart kind of song.”

shares Francesca.

“Ride the Waters” is a self-empowerment folk/pop track based on how one can be self-dependent and find success on their own.

“So many young girls feel that they need someone beside them to be able to progress and find success in their lives, but this song suggests the opposite. It is an encouraging anthem for independent and powerful young women.”

Francesca says.

With radio plays and live sessions with BBC Introducing and independent radios alike, as well as taking festival slots in 2020, Francesca Louise is making her way up the musical ladder and is showcasing her capabilities throughout the UK. She has garnered support from the likes of Earmilk, PopWrapped and BBC Introducing, just to name a few. 

Francesca can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

via Francesca Louise Instagram

What does your lead single ‘Out of Sight (Out of Mind)’ mean to you?

This single is my way of confession. It is my way of expressing myself and letting my emotions and feelings come to the surface without truly exposing myself. It’s the first song that I have written that people have responded to with stories of how it has helped them in their lives and how it has brought them comfort or clarity. The song means so much more to me now that I know my words and creativity are serving other people. 

Was it a vulnerable process writing this song?

The writing process for all of my songs are vulnerable. It’s like writing in my journal when I write a song, the only difference being that the characters and events are more transparent in my songwriting – which gives room for interpretation with my listeners. This particular song was written with one particular subject in mind so sharing this with the world was quite frightening at first – but it acted as a therapy for me, a release of some sort, and a weight off of my shoulders of the previously unspoken.

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