Take me to “The Sea” with Francesca Louise

I’ m thrilled to welcome back to the blog UK-based artist Francesca Louise!

Francesca was last around this part of the internet when she released her EP Melancholic Antidote, and has been up to quite a bit since we last spoke. If you haven’t been properly introduced to her yet, allow me to do so.

Francesca Louise is an indie/folk singer-songwriter from Liverpool, whose soulful Carole King/Laura Marling inspired vocals paired with songwriting influences such as Joni Mitchell makes her one to watch.

In 2022 she appeared on The Voice UK, and has also performed up and down the country playing acoustic sets for promoters including Live Nation and DHP, whilst some of her personal highlights include supporting all time greats like James Walsh of Starsailor and Chris Helme of The Seahorses in venues of great renown including St Pancras Old Church, Social Brudenell and many more.

The city holds me

Though it cannot define me

I loved you carelessly

We laughed and we played, we were free

Just like the sea

The Sea, Francesca Louise

Her latest release is a gorgeous, melancholic tracked titled “The Sea,” which is reminder of her time spent living in Rome. The story behind the music is hers – meeting strangers who became friends and lovers at a time in life when she felt free and unhinged, written about in such delicate and poetic form with the accompaniment of swelling strings and dreamy vocals . “The Sea” lends itself to a serene listening experience, and in a calm and quiet headspace, the listener will fall deeply into the streets of the eternal city with Louise.

What was the process like writing this song?

I knew that I wanted to narrate some sort of story to my older self which gave me the opening lyric, ‘sit a while, I know you’re tired’. I just didn’t know what that story was going to be. I plucked away at some chord shapes and found myself reminiscing on my Roman life! 

She has expressed her desire to tell stories in her previous work, after taking influence from Laura Marling’s album ’Songs For Our Daughter’. Her work is crafted to create as close a connection to the listener as possible, all through her carefully written lyrics and instrumental arrangements.

Recorded with the talented producer, multi-instrumentalist and independent artist manager; James Wyatt, “The Sea” glows with soft acoustic guitar picking and warm swelling strings, providing the backdrop for her delicate, ethereal vocals.

What do you hope people take away when listening to this song?

I hope that people learn a little bit more about me as an artist when they listen to the song. Not just to the words but to the music itself. And I also hope that this song will give the listener the desire to take notice of the small moments, as they become the biggest in the end. I have shown a part of myself as a creative that I hadn’t in previous work and I’m so excited to see what the response is!

So, what’s next for the artist? She is set to play more shows in 2023, showcasing her latest work with a number of releases lined up for the coming year.

You can find Francesca on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. So happy to have you back on the blog, Francesca!

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