Philly Finds Vol. 28

A recap of what I’m loving in in the City of Brotherly Love

I went through the entire month of March without a Philly Finds post? Shame on me! I am here to make it up to you, with a very food-centric edition.

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The city is starting to feel alive again, and so am I.

With spring in the air and vaccinations on the rise, things are starting to feel hopeful. I’ve been spending time exploring my new neighborhood and other areas of Philly. I had the chance to visit the Betsy Ross House, which I recapped here.

And in other signs of things a changin’ – after well over a year of not being on, the fountains are flowing once more.

The new, teal outdoor A-frames at Pinefish, complimented by hot pink chairs, are so eye-catching.

A few weekends ago, I walked past Ray’s in Chinatown, which I grew up going to with my family. I have fond memories of their giant coffee maker and spicy cucumber salad. I haven’t been back since 2010, so I’m making it a priority to dine there soon (and so should you!).

For your next brunch…

It’s The Hadley for me. Whether it’s for the atmosphere, food or bottomless mimosa/Bloody Mary, this should absolutely be your next brunch visit.

For your next happy hour…

Try Via Locusta, which offers an exquisite experience without breaking the bank. My friend Marissa and I went, where we both thoroughly enjoyed their HH offerings (see that menu here).

On my to-do list…

I have not been to Bao Nine yet, and took this photo as a reminder that I must visit ASAP. They have a fantastic outdoor set-up, and an even better looking menu. If you’ve been, let me know!

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