Philly Finds Vol. 31

*interlude to talk about Inside*

I spent the past several days revisiting Bo Burnham’s special Inside, continuing to dissect and explore each song. I just… I can’t stop thinking about it. My TikTok for you page is filled with analyses by people much smarter than I (commentary on his special on social media is somewhat ironic, but maybe that’s what he intended to happen??). I would like to write about Inside, and even though it’s been out for less than two weeks, it feels like so much has been said that I’m not sure my voice needs to be added to the conversation. We’ll see.

Shrek Box

As I’ve stated before, TikTok has been the most positive experience I’ve had on social media, for many reasons. One of them being it informed me of the Shrek Box, located on 7th and League. Billy Penn has more.

Bar Poulet

Where: 2005 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

The former home of Tria has been transformed to a sophisticated fried chicken joint. Definitely an interesting concept, which oddly works well!

Made with Love

This newly-opened, Black-owned business in Fairmount is your new go-to spot for fresh smoothies and juices. Throughout the shop, they have descriptions of a variety of fruits and vegetables and their benefits. I had the Blue Skies smoothie which was deelish.


One of Philly’s most iconic spots. The Moshulu offers weekend brunch, dinner and special events for late night (follow them here to keep up with their events). Upstairs on the ship, The Deck is the perfect place for drinks and for night life.

Veggie burger

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