Philly Finds Vol. 39

Helloooo friends. I’m back in Philly after a quick visit to one of my favorite places in the world, Bar Harbor, Maine. Nothing hits quite like a New England fall. Would you be interested if I did a Bar Harbor itinerary/recommendations post? Let me know, and I’d happily oblige.

I’m most appreciative of everyone who recently signed up for my pop culture newsletter! I hope you’ll also sign up if you haven’t already. If you follow me on social, you might know that I’m in the deep throes of my first Sopranos watch, and have just begun season 4. An upcoming newsletter will be my thoughts on the first 3 seasons of the Sopranos (I have a theory why Meadow’s name is Meadow). So if that’s something of interest, sign on up baby.

If you were at all curious, here’s my list of Philly restaurants I’m dying to try out:

Onto the finds!


Tucked inside of the Motto Hotel on 19th and Chestnut is El Cafe, where you’ll find a fantastic cuppa coffee. Also in the hotel you’ll find Condesa and El Techo (which was one of the last places I went to pre-pandemic, as seen in vol. 15 of Philly Finds).


Something magical and sweet is afoot this Halloween, courtesy of Philly-based company AYOKA. Their special Halloween syrup mix MAGIC APPLE is perfect for cocktails, mocktails, hot drinks, and to punch up your hot apple cider. The company is owned by wonder woman Sola, so show some love to a fabulous Philly lady and business!

Photo from the AYOKA website


During one of my walks over the summer, I came across this floral mosaic, filling the crack of a sidewalk. This is everything I love – something unexpected, something beautiful, something Philly. I was so happy as I walked down the same street recently, there were even more mosaics! I would love to find out the soul who made this happen – if you have any insight please let me know.


I’ve been loving everything Philly-based company Bellfixe puts out (and it’s not just because they kindly gift me items). I’ve been wearing these clips from their Grey Skies collection non-stop. Unlike other clips I’ve tried to create this Margot Tenenbaum-esque look with that end up falling out, these bad boys stay in place all day long.


Artist Nate Smith will be at World Cafe Live (downstairs) on November 10th.  His new album came out Sept 17, which is the second of a trilogy. The first was even nominated for a Grammy. Besides being Brittany Howard’s solo band drummer of choice, he’s also an insanely talented polymath who is one of the leading voices in the progressive jazz school.

I’ll be covering and photographing this show, so purchase your tickets to hang!

Poster – coming soon!

Just a few more website, graphic, and postage items to iron out, but we are on track for the Philly Italian slang poster to go on sale! A green and white option will be available and they are 11×17. Hoping to have these on sale in time for the holidays.

That’s all from me for now, talk soon! xo

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