Philly Finds Vol. 45

 Welcome back to Philly Finds! Here you’ll find some of my recent ventures and recommendations of our city. I recently celebrated my birthday, and I’m still savoring all of the feelings of love and gratitude. This past year especially has made want to hold on and cherish relationships even more so. <3

Before we get into the finds, here are some links to check out (plus a touch of self-promo):


You know those places you hear about or see on social media, and you really wonder if it’s worth the hype? Fabrika was one of those places for me – and please let me tell you without an ounce of hyperbole – it was worth it. A group of friends and I celebrated my birthday here, surrounded by fire eaters, contortionists, dancers and much more. It was weird, magical and fabulous. If you’re interested in a full review of Fabrika, let me know.

PartyGirl Bake Club

Now I will say one of my birthday gifts was of my own doing. I just may have requested a PartyGirl Bake Club cake, and my friends Kerry, Katie and Tricia saw it to fruition (how lucky am I?!). Owner Mallory Valvano bakes and makes the most beautiful and delicious confection creations . I recommend following on Instagram to fill your feed with sugary goodness.

Trattoria Carina

It had been a few years since I’ve been to Trattoria Carina. What I remember from my first visit there is still true – the pasta is fresh and delicious. Friends and I trekked there on a snowy, cold Sunday evening without a reservation, and luckily we were able to get a table, as it was packed! Immediately I began thinking, “Why haven’t I come back here sooner?”. The atmosphere is cozy, romantic and intimate, so definitely add this as your next date night spot.

Tagliatelle bolognese

Twenty Manning

Twenty Manning Grill was one of my go-to happy hour spots, so believe me when I say I was gutted when they closed for a bit to renovate their space. They have since re-opened with a new concept of Middle Eastern Street Food. And although I will greatly miss their happy hour fries, their new selection of food really was excellent. We had the Hummus Tehina, and the chicken and salmon skewers. Twenty Manning is also owned by the same company affiliated with Rogue and the new Charley Dove, so you know you’ll be in for a treat.

That’s all for now, talk soon! <3

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