Indeblue’s new Cherry Hill location

When I had heard that Philly’s Indeblue location was closing, I’ll admit that I was pretty devastated. The spot had been there for a decade, served incredible Indian food in a warm atmosphere, and was the favorite of many.

My fears were soon alleviated though, as Indeblue was just moving across the bridge to South Jersey in Cherry Hill. This was actually a return to the area for the restaurant, as it was founded in nearby Collingswood. So last night, my friend (and recent culinary superstar) Kerry and I went to Cherry Hill for a delicious Indian dinner and to catch-up. My typical go-to for a cozy, Sunday night dinner is either Thai, Italian or Indian, so it was an absolute delight to be there.

On the drive over, Kerry mentioned how excited she was to order mango lassi, and my mouth began to immediately water. And when we finally were able to sip on them –oh my god. Refreshing yet decadent at the same time, and even more flavorful with crushed pistachio on top.  

Our waiter Vipul (shout out to Vipul if you’re reading this!) shared with us some of his favorite dishes, which did not disappoint. Of everything we ordered, Kerry’s favorite was the potato cakes, and mine was the grilled chicken tikka chipotle. For dinner I had the paneer tikka masala, which is one of my favorite Indian dishes. Now I know I should be adventurous and try another dish, but when you know that Indeblue’s paneer tikka masala is amazing, you just have to get it again. And of course, we had lots and lots of naan. I also want to point out the crispy spinach chaat, which I did not expect to love as much as I did! So crunchy, and the blend of flavors worked beautifully together.

Now for dessert, we were treated to something special that was off of the menu – pineapple kesari with ice cream. Now we had never had this before, but I can say with certainty I will be having this again in my life. Our entire meal was flavorful and savory, exactly as I remember Indeblue to be. So I encourage you to make the trek across the bridge for a wonderful Indian feast and inviting ambiance. Scroll below for our entire meal.

OH and before I forget – they are now serving brunch daily from 11:00AM – 3:00PM.

We had to begin with mango lassi
Everything naan, with poppy seed, sesame seeds, garlic, onions and butter
Grilled chicken tikka chipotle
Aloo latkes chaat – Indian style potato cakes white pea mash, & apple chutney
Crispy spinach chaat – baby spinach, shallots, chopped tomatoes
Saffron basmati rice
Paneer tikka masala
Kerry had the pork vindaloo for dinner
 Pineapple Kesari

Disclaimer – this was a comp’d meal, all opinions are my own

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