Press for Champagne at Bob Bob Ricard, London

Have you ever come across a photo similar to this before?

On Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, the infamous “Press For Champagne” button has popped up all over my social media in the past few years. Little did I know this button existed in one of London’s most glamorous restaurants. I hope you’ll join me for another instillation of our London trip, when we dined at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho…

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It was a gorgeous London evening, and we enjoyed every moment of it walking from our hotel in Mayfair to the restaurant. When we arrived at Bob Bob Ricard we were greeted by a doorman, followed by a hostess who led who downstairs to our table. We entered into what felt like an art deco lounge, with what appeared to be a dance floor surrounded by velvet booths. I couldn’t help but feel as if I stepped into the Hotel Cortez, for you AHS fans, but definitely in a good, not terrifying way.


And yes, the “Press for Champagne” is for REAL people. *What a time to be alive* Once I could no longer resist and gave it a push, our waiter arrived within seconds ready for our Champs order (a little nod to Heather Dubrow). Fun fact: BBR pours more Champagne than any other restaurant in London (wonder why 😉 )

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BBR’s art deco design and name could be seen throughout the restaurant

Let’s dig into the good stuff – the food. Bob Bob Ricard serves “luxury English and Russian” food. Truth be told, I did not know what that entailed, but I was pleasantly surprised. We began with the Truffled Potato and Mushroom Vareniki, which are small dumplings, and for dinner I enjoyed – and devoured – the Pearl Barley Risotto with basil, Parmesan cheese, and fresh truffle. You’ll have to forgive me for not photographing both truffle dishes, but I can tell you that they were both delicious, and the Truffle Potato and Mushroom Vareniki appetizer was especially fantastic. But we need to talk about Sam’s meal, the Mariner’s Fish Pie pictured below…I believe the correct word is decadent.

There was no doubt what restaurant we were at

And finally dessert, which was another masterpiece that may have sprung up on your social media before. There it is below, the BBR Signature Chocolate Glory in all of its glory. After placing it on the table, our waiter drizzled liquid chocolate over the golden orb until it caved in, revealing berries and passion fruit. I should have documented this, but I had to appreciate it fully in the moment. It was dramatic and over-the-top – honestly my most ideal dessert ever.

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BBR Signature Glory

If you’ve been following along with our Visit London trip, you’ll know that  we ate pretty well; it was definitely culinary heaven. Meals like this opened us to new cultures and dining experiences, and have the ability to transport us to a different time and place. It’s one of the best things about travel!

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So if you want to feel like a royal, there’s not better place than BBR. Between the service, food, and ambiance, you’re in for a very unique dining experience (just make your reservations well in advance!). As for the “dress elegantly” note on their website, this white number from South Moon Under that I wore was ideal.


We thoroughly enjoyed our meals, and pushing the button, and it was worth every penny – er, pound. This was certainly one of our highlights from the trip, and further confirmed that there is no place quite like London. <3

6 responses to “Press for Champagne at Bob Bob Ricard, London”

  1. montana happy Avatar

    Wow! This looks like an amazing restaurant. I love the fish pie! Can’t wait to read more…

    1. Camille Avatar

      Thank you so much for checking it out Montana! <3

  2. Cork and Fork Aficionado Avatar
    Cork and Fork Aficionado

    Can I have a press for Champagne button installed at my house?!?! BBR sounds like an amazing restaurant and a lot of fun! 🙂

    1. Camille Avatar

      Right? It would be so ideal 😉 Also LOVE your blog name <3

      1. Cork and Fork Aficionado Avatar
        Cork and Fork Aficionado

        Thank you! 🙂

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