Philly Finds Vol. 18

Philly Finds is back baby, and this was one of my most favorite ones to compile. My time recently has been consumed with my ongoing battle with the PPA and lots of park time with friends, sprinkled with sprinkled with shore time with family. I also wanted to mention that Positive Publicity was recently featured on this website, which I thought was pretty dope.

ALRIGHTY, let’s get into it…

Frose from Parc

I keep it juicy, juicy

A juicy Pride collab on 13th and Locust by Lace in the Moon and Tiff Urquhart, inspired by one of my all-time favorite films Call Me By Your Name.

Middle Child

Middle Child can really never get enough love. In addition to whipping up the best sandwiches this side of Broad, they’re involved in the community by donating meals to hospital workers and supporting Black Lives Matter. Peep this post from when they first opened in 2018.

Shopskin Club from Middle Child


A gem that’s newly on my radar. I recently sat outside with friends and enjoyed some margs infused with their Cajun spices. I’m looking forward to going back for a meal and trying their Cajun food. Shoutout to the staff member we spoke with and supplied us with incredible conversation.


I was gifted a package of three different Kombrewcha flavors, which is now available in Philly. I won’t lie – I was pretty hesitant about trying these at first. But WOW. The Lemongrass Lime flavor is my new go-to summer ‘brew.

Reader Philly Finds:

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