Philly Finds Vol. 18

Philly Finds is back baby, and this was one of my most favorite ones to compile. My time recently has been consumed with my ongoing battle with the PPA and lots of park time with friends, sprinkled with sprinkled with shore time with family. I also wanted to mention that Positive Publicity was recently featured on this website, which I thought was pretty dope.

ALRIGHTY, let’s get into it…

Frose from Parc

I keep it juicy, juicy

A juicy Pride collab on 13th and Locust by Lace in the Moon and Tiff Urquhart, inspired by one of my all-time favorite films Call Me By Your Name.

Middle Child

Middle Child can really never get enough love. In addition to whipping up the best sandwiches this side of Broad, they’re involved in the community by donating meals to hospital workers and supporting Black Lives Matter. Peep this post from when they first opened in 2018.

Shopskin Club from Middle Child


A gem that’s newly on my radar. I recently sat outside with friends and enjoyed some margs infused with their Cajun spices. I’m looking forward to going back for a meal and trying their Cajun food. Shoutout to the staff member we spoke with and supplied us with incredible conversation.


I was gifted a package of three different Kombrewcha flavors, which is now available in Philly. I won’t lie – I was pretty hesitant about trying these at first. But WOW. The Lemongrass Lime flavor is my new go-to summer ‘brew.

Reader Philly Finds:

I put out a call on Insta for reader Philly Finds – check out your submissions below:

  • NGU Gym in Manayunk: Described as tight, close knit family by Paula Gallagher
  • Daisy’s Doggy Drop-In and Walk Services: Submitted by Chris Legg. Let Daisy’s come check on your four-legged fam while you’re out or away! A drop in can include letting out, feeding, playing, giving medications, and much more.
  • Indie Shelf – Submitted by Emily Kropp. The Indie Shelf is an “independent and woman-owned natural beauty shop that curates unique, innovative, and effective brands from around the world.” Check out their website if you’re in need of a gift idea (or a treat for yourself)
  • Tesoro Leather – Submitted by Mary Mahoney. Although I haven’t yet made a purchase here, I’ve stopped by this shop several times to admire their products. The products are wonderful quality and it’s woman owned. They are currently participating in a “10K in 10 day” challenge. They are offering 6 custom bags, which is something owner and designer Brit Reed doesn’t usually don’t have time to create. To learn more about this, please visit their Facebook page here.
  • 1-900-Ice Cream – Another Mary Mahoney submission, thank you Mary!
  • Mac Mart – Submitted by Hillary Renner. It’s been a minute since I’ve indulged in some Mac Mart, but this is the reminder I needed to go get some ASAP. Order your next work-from-home lunch from here.
  • Pretty Green Terrariums – Submitted by Jill Kile, and one that I second! It’s been featured in a previous Philly Finds post. The owners are so lovely and helpful. This store is a JOY to visit.
  • Two Word Story – Submitted by Marla McDermott. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in one of Alia Sobel’s Two Word Story workshops, which was a very vulnerable and enriching experience. Hit Alia with that follow on Instagram.
  • Geisha House – Submitted by Nikki Fenton. I’m sad to share that this fabulous Old City boutique will be closing its doors soon, but you can still shop online.
  • Ten Stone Bar – Submitted by Kait Kelly. A hangout I very much enjoyed during my Grad Hospital time.

Feel free to send in your submissions for a future post, and wear your masks!

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