Philly Finds Vol. 38

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Odds n’ ends

One of the highlights of last week was making Emily Mariko’s salmon rice bowl (I used tempah instead of salmon, still delish) and enjoying her newly launched a newsletter. There’s something in the simplicity of her videos that provides comfort and stability. Absolutely here for more of this kind of content.

This past weekend marked my first return to NYC since February 2020. During that February trip, my girlfriends and I were dancing on tables, blissfully unaware of what the next month would bring us. It was like seeing an old friend being back in New York, where I also saw Hadestown on Broadway (Eva Noblezada!!), and ate and drank the day and night away.

My attempt at Emily Mariko’s salmon rice bowl

I recently had quite the field day at Buffalo Exchange. To me there’s no better time for thrifting than fall, when all of the fall and winter ‘fits are being put out. Hence my clothing harvest below:

Plaid skort and striped cardigan found at Buffalo Exchange
Pink silk top and jacket found at Buffalo Exchange

And finally, here’s an iPhone wallpaper background of some of my favorite Philly-area fall scenes that I made. Download if you so wish!

Now onto the finds…

Philly’s best… fried mozzarella?

You may recall during the summer my friend Tricia and I were holding our own mozzarella stick competition. Due to being booked and busy ladies, the competition was essentially non-existent throughout half of the summer, aside from us occasionally sending videos to each other enjoying a mozz stick when we weren’t together. The competition was revived last week in an unexpected place – Pietro’s on Walnut Street. Four of us sat in silence after we took a bite of the fried mozzarella, until someone said “it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” I implore you to get some for yourself.

Fried mozzarella

Jeni’s Ice Cream is coming to Philly

Ice cream juggernaut Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is soon headed to Philly in two locations, Rittenhouse and Fishtown. They sent me a package unlike anything I’ve ever received before, with six of their flavors. I was honestly not familiar with this brand until recently, but when I posted on my Instagram story, my DMs blew up with “this is the best ice cream ever”. I immediately started diving into the different flavors – they are that good. They also have gluten-free and dairy-free options, making it an enjoyable ice cream experience for those with the stomach problems.

Good Things Tote Bag

**re-sharing this from the recent life update post**

Kelsey is a fellow Philly content creator and founder/owner of Bells + Whistles. She also sells these “Good Things Happen in Philadelphia” tote bags, which has simply been the best tote I’ve ever owned (and yes, there is a hierarchy to tote bags). Here’s the purchase link if you find yourself wanting one.

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