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Blogging Anniversary

When I logged into Positive Publicity this morning, I received a notification informing me that it was my three year anniversary blogging. Three years already??? Then Facebook also reminded me that three years ago today, I left to study abroad in London. These notifications immediately took me back to setting up my first blog as I…… Continue reading Blogging Anniversary

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What’s Up With The 1975?

If I could, I would link The 1975’s website and social media accounts to this post in case you weren’t familiar with them, but unfortunately I can’t. Because they’ve all been deactivated. Twitter was in a frenzy yesterday when the British rockers posted a cryptic comic strip, insinuating that The 1975 is “gone.” Shortly after, all…… Continue reading What’s Up With The 1975?

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Saturation & Contrast: Filtering Ourselves on Instagram

Instagram is seemingly a world of its own; a universe filled with perfectly filtered selfies, landscapes, food and designer #OOTD. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram requires more consistency, curation and cleverness in order to make a bigger impact. That impact is most often measured in likes and comments. Social media is fascinating; people truly open…… Continue reading Saturation & Contrast: Filtering Ourselves on Instagram

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Bistropop Blogging

Ok, so I know what you’re probably thinking … “Has she still not recovered from Zayn leaving 1D that she’s abandoned her blog?”. I’m here to tell you that my month-long hiatus on Positive Publicity has is not 1D-related, but simply busyness related! But I’m here now to provide an update. I’ve recently begun contributing to…… Continue reading Bistropop Blogging

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Game of Thrones Social Media – A Brief Case Study

Like many, many others, I #love Game of Thrones. I love sitting around the TV with friends on a Sunday evening, anticipating which one of my favorite characters is going to be killed off in this week’s episode (thanks GRRM). Like most television watching I do, I find it to be a very social experience, as it…… Continue reading Game of Thrones Social Media – A Brief Case Study

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How To Cope When Parks and Rec Ends

When we all came to realize that this is the final season of Parks & Rec, we pretty much felt like this: And with yesterday, February 13th, being the historic and sacred holiday of Galentine’s Day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to prepare ourselves for the inevitable end. You might experience a dark time post-P&R and…… Continue reading How To Cope When Parks and Rec Ends

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Person of Interest: Ashley Vargas

I’m excited to announce a new feature to Positive Publicity, “Person of Interest”, where we’ll be interviewing up-and-coming people in the music and fashion worlds. I’m also excited to introduce you to our very first Person of Interest: Ashley Linda Vargas,  creator and founder of fashion website ALV. I first met Ashley in college while she…… Continue reading Person of Interest: Ashley Vargas

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Eventful – Planning Your Next Big Event

Last week, I attended my first “Convening the Conveners” meeting in Philadelphia. The meeting brought together leaders from various industries located in Philly, from tech to non-profit, to entertainment and education. We discussed different struggles and issues, as well as ideas and helpful tips, when it comes to planning a successful event. It was interesting…… Continue reading Eventful – Planning Your Next Big Event